At Tinker Books we believe that every good story deserves to be shared.

We publish stories by authors from around the world and distribute their books world-wide.

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How it all started


A combination of discoveries led to the founding of the Tinker Books publishing company. While beta reading to kill time, I discovered that there are some awesomely talented writers and artists who know nothing about publishing, marketing, or monetizing their work. The obstacles to successful publishing, were for them seemingly insurrmountable. 


Considering self-publishing some of my own work I began looking into the publishing process in depth and I found that one major obstacle is the aquisition of ISBNs and the registering of them, the main obstacle being the usurious prices charged by the government appointed monopolies who have the sole source of ISBNs in most of the countries on the planet. Well surprise here in Canada they are free of charge, the only cost being the requirement to send a sample book to the legal deposit library.


So I applied for a business management course, my application was approved and upon completion of the first stage my business was approved and with all the required licences and permits in place Tinker books opened for business on October 1st 2018, with one book to sell.


Our first book TWISTED TALESof the YELLOW BRICK ROAD by  A. Yasin is

now available online and in thousands of brick and mortar stores around the world.